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Arore Communications
Arore Communications has been developing websites for Over Fifteen Years

We'll provide a focused website and tailored marketing strategies unique to your business.
...based on your objectives.

Arore Communications has a fifteen-year history of conceptualizing, developing and programming websites for many business sectors and organizations of all sizes.

Website development has substantially evolved over the past fifteen years, and the options for building world-class websites are exponential. The multitude of themes, templates and page builders available make it a mutually enjoyable and exciting experience to create a unique look and feel for every website we build, from small start-ups to large corporations.

We work with WordPress and third-party platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or Lightspeed. As a result, we will have your business online in an organized, efficient and cost-effective manner, making sure your site is up to all the latest standards and optimized so the world can find you.

You'll love working with us

We focus on long-term,

We’ll dig deep into your business and learn your long-term goals to provide a focused website with a tailored marketing strategy congruent to your organization and business objectives.

we keep it simple,

Our 25 years of experience in marketing and promotions have taught us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. We’ll get you past the buzzwords and get it done in a language you understand.

and we're organized.

Project management is our business. You will be up to date in real-time as we progress on your project and never left wondering where your website developer is. One email is enough.


Once we finish your site...

We'll train you your staff to keep it up to date.

If you or your staff have basic computer skills, we can teach you maintain your new website. Depending on your updating needs, including frequency and intensity, we can also provide workflow training and basic photoshop skills.

We’ll ensure you have the skills necessary to always feel in control of your website and the message you are projecting to your target audience.

Our development team is always on hand to take care of maintenance issues and technical or day-to-day updates. Clients from several industry sectors, including restaurants, retail, engineering and real estate offices, use our updating services for weekly menu updates, seasonal product updates for e-commerce websites, blog posts and property postings.

Website Updates

Some past and present projects we've enjoyed.

We’ve built hundreds of websites over the years for clients in a multitude of business sectors. Here is just a sample. We will be happy to provide references upon request.


Arore Communications continues to work with European Museum Technology

European Museum Technology (EMT) designs, engineers, manufactures and installs museum and museum-quality showcases, display units, architectural glass installations and custom pieces for internationally renowned museums, art galleries and private collectors.



Arore Communications worked with Taylormade Solutions to create an educational website on Policy Development

Arore Communications worked with Taylormade Solutions to create an online education course on Policy Development for government employees.



Arore Communications built this website for Pacific Analytics in Victoria British Columbia

Pacific Analytics is a Victoria-based company specializing in insights, analytics, statistical models, census data, regional industry data, and visualizations for a wide range of local and international clients to develop regional impact assessments.


Website Update and Maintenance

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