Website Design

Websites come in many different shapes and flavors and rest assured that whatever your needs are, Arore Communications has you covered.

There are three website development options available to match your business needs and budget.

1. Custom Design and Programming

When you need a website with unique functionalities or design qualities not available in pre-designed templates.

2. Pre-designed Templates

There are a multitude of attractive and highly functional website templates available, saving hundreds of dollars in design and programming costs.

3. Third Party Website Integration

When your website budget is limited or you are just sticking your toe in business, a third party website might be the solution for you.

Search Engine Optimisation


"Ensure your clients find you when
they find what they are looking for."


Website Audits

Using the latest online diagnostics and algorithms, we evaluate how your website is viewed by the search engines and provide valuable, specific insights for improvements.

SEO Implementation

Using the information provided from a comprehensive website audit, we implement the necessary changes to improve your search ranking results.

Website Maintenance

Arore Communications is dedicated to providing it’s clients with ongoing, consistent and dependable service.

Each client’s needs are unique and each company has different resources and knowledge levels available to ensure their website is up to date and running properly. We work with you to determine your capabilities and step in when and where we are needed most.

Online Marketing

Search Engine and Social Media Advertising

Professionally managing your pay per click and social media advertising will improve the results of your Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns. We’re certified and will ensure your investment is always working for you.

Social Media Engagement

We can determine which social networks best suite your business needs, integrate them into your website and develop the social media strategy that works for you. If you choose, we will manage your social media accounts for you..

Arore Communications publishes Victoria Lifestyles Magazine which was launched in 2011 and reaches thousands of locals and visitors each day

Victoria Lifestyles Magazine is dedicated to bringing communities together through supporting local businesses, charities, and community groups. Our mandate is to educate, inspire, and entertain our readers by covering a diverse range of topics and appealing to a diverse demographic.We can see that it is the diversity of people that create a community. We believe bringing together the talent, business, and perspectives of our residents will reinforce relationships, strengthen communities, and elevate lifestyles for everyone.


Advertising and Promotion

Our online magazine advertising and promotional opportunities are offered exclusively to locally owned and operated businesses to align themselves among the movers, shakers, innovators, small businesses and experts in our communities.

Promotional Opportunities:

  • Display Advertising
  • Sponsored pre-written magazine articles
  • Sponsored articles written and posted
  • Upcoming events
  • VLM Favorites

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