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Content Marketing, Writing Your Campaign

Content Marketing is creating quite a buzz these days and most businesses are trying it for themselves. In Canada, content marketing is becoming a priority. According to a 2016 survey by Ignite Digital, 69% of marketers are doing content marketing activities, and 29% believe that content marketing will be the most important activity over the course of the year.

Readability: Importance of Writing Simple

Readability is one of the most ignored aspects when writing articles. In content marketing, readability is the level of ease in understanding the written text. Content marketers and writers often use words that are far too advanced in an effort to emphasise their knowledge on a particular subject matter. These words do more harm than good.
Readability is Keeping it Simple

Jargon, Acronyms and Numbers – OMG!

Jargon, acronyms and numbers; be careful when using them your in your using them when you are writing for the general public. Jargon is terms commonly used by a specific profession or group of people, and not well understood outside that circle. Examples of Jargon:
  • Benign is a medical jargon that means a disease that does not spread around the body.
  • An affidavit is a legal jargon that pertains to a sworn document.
  • A roadmap can be business jargon that simply refers to a plan.

Five Reasons Every Business Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Arore Communications

Would you hire a painter to fix your plumbing? I sure hope not. So why do you keep dabbling away at your website? The web is the most powerful communication and sales tool since the printing press, yet many businesses are unhappy with their online presence.

There are many reasons why you should hire an agency to handle your digital marketing, here are my top 5:

1. You realize your website is essential for finding new business and growing.

Social Media Header Cheat Sheet

When it comes to the image specs of visual social media content, it can be hard to remember – and keep up with – the requirements for each social platform. The Facebook cover photo size is different than the Twitter header image size, which are both vastly different than cover photo dimensions for Google+.

That’s why we created this handy social media image size guide. We’ll update this post any time dimensions change, so you can always count on the correct dimensions.
*Last updated September 5, 2014.

Starting April 21st, Google will start favouring mobile friendly devices

Is your site Mobile Friendly?

Google is changing its rankings to favour websites that are friendly to mobile devices, the search-engine leader recently announced. In a change termed ‘mobilegeddon’, companies without responsive design websites will suffer as Google favours good mobile experiences, furthering the company’s mobile driven focus.

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