Michael P Chenier’s personal experience has spanned many industry sectors. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household engrained the disciplines for hard work, organizational efficiency, customer service and the importance of sales results into every position held since the age of fifteen. Although the business sectors, roles and Job descriptions varied wildly, Michael’s entrepreneurial curiosity and ambition continuously pushed him to view the businesses he worked for from the owners’ perspective, innately seeking more efficient processes to do things or ways to increase profits.

Early in Michael’s working career, he was extremely fortunate to stumble upon the opportunities to work with some of the most experienced employers in their industry. They always took the time and patiently listened to a continuous stream of crazy ideas meant to improve or increase something or another. In many cases, these early mentors – long before mentors were a thing, empowered Michael to experiment with some of his thoughts and saw past the failures.

“How did that work for you?” has been a common question Michael has heard frequently throughout his varied career.

2021 Nice, France
Relocation back to France
In 2021, Arore Communications Moved the bulk of it services online to leverage the different time zones to provide a better service to it's clients


The COVID 19 global pandemic nudged Michael to adapt the physical operations of Arore Communications to facilitate its online services. As millions of companies worldwide, It accepts the world is no longer in the same place it was two short years ago and commits to adapting to and leveraging the new working environment to its clients' advantage.

2018 Melbourne, Australia
Arore Communications / Australia
Arore Communications Australia is born and adds Business and Marketing Strategy as well as Asana Project Management Training.


Position: Owner

In the debut of 2018, Michael Chenier received the appropriate government authorization to do business in Australia. Arore Communications Australia is born and adds Business and Marketing Strategy as well as Asana Project Management Training to it's portfolio of services.

2018 Melbourne, Australia
Australian Magazine Group
Australian Magazine Group


Position: Publisher

The Australian Magazine Group consists of six identically branded online magazines covering the five major metropolitan centres and Tasmania and an aggregate magazine called Australian Lifestyles Magazine

Note: This shovel-ready project is on pause until the nationwide easing of health restrictions allows for uninterrupted business activity and economic recovery.  

2009 Victoria, British Columbia
Arore Communications
Arore Communications has been providing Website Development services since 2009


Position: Owner

Arore Communications is launched to provide Marketing and Communication Services focusing on Website Development, social media, and online marketing. The service offerings eventually branched into providing online Website Programming Contracting Services to graphic designers and Project Management.

2007 Vancouver, British Columbia
Yaletown Magazine
Michael Chenier was the publisher of Yaletown Magazine


Position: Publisher

As publisher of the magazine, Michael's responsibilities included all aspects of publishing a monthly publication, from conception to distribution.

  • Hiring, training and coordinating editorial and production team
  • Hiring, training and motivating advertising sales team
  • Negotiating printing and distribution contracts
  • Coordinating production schedules and met print and distribution deadlines every month. 
  • Provided monthly reports to investors and stakeholders.

Biggest Takeaway: Don't give up quickly, and ironically, don't buy into media hype. You make your story, despite what's going on in the world.  

2003 Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver View Magazine
Michael Chenier was the Sales Manager for the Vancouver View from 2003 - 2007

Position: Sales Manager

Michael managed the advertising sales team of full-colour glossy publication and integral part of the local expansion from a 16-page community magazine to an 80 page perfect bound monthly magazine within 18 months.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Hiring, training and coordinating sales staff
  • Managing advertising budgets
  • Creating and implementing sales promotions and features

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Organising photoshoots and fashion features
  • Conceptualizing and designing advertising
  • Negotiating printing costs, schedules and deadlines
  • Hard copy proofing / pre-press
  • Coordinating and administering magazine circulation

Biggest Takeaway: Loyalty above all builds strong business relationships, and loyalty runs both ways. Be loyal to your clients, and they will follow you wherever you go. 

2001 Surrey, British Columbia
Easy Living Magazine
Michaele Chenier Worked as a sales Executive for Easy Living Magazine in 2001


Position: Sales Executive

As a sales executive, Michael was responsible for providing advertising solutions for a consistently expanding client base. Duties included account management, advertising layout and proofing advertising.

1993 Kelowna, British Columbia
Fantasy Balloons

Position: Owner

Perpignan, France,
Nice, France
Vancouver, British Columbia

Fantasy Balloons was an event decorating company specializing in large-scale commercial and community decorating services for seasonal and special events. Our clients ranged from commercial shopping malls and municipal governments to large-scale professional sporting organizations.


  • Recruiting full-time staff for day-to-day operations for two retail outlets.
  • Recruiting, training and coordinating large numbers of part-time staff members for intermittent events, often simultaneously in multiple cities.
  • Conceptualizing original plans and designs for private events such as marriages and corporate events. 
  • Conceptualizing, designing and producing large-scale seasonal decorations for Shopping malls, supermarket chains and municipalities.
  • Conceptualizing, designing and producing decorations and effects for stadium-level sporting events.
  • Sourcing and importing products and materials for events and retail sales.

Fun Fact: Fantasy Balloons was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records in the spring of 1997 for the largest balloon wall ever built. It contained 18,860 balloons and was 30m high by 20m wide. It was constructed in St. Jeans Cathedral for the awards banquet for the USAP, Perpignan's Professional Rugby Team. 

1992 Perpignan, France
Brasserie l'Arago


Position: Waiter

L'Arago Brasserie is easily one of the most popular restaurants in the Perpignan region. Michael was hired as a waiter and was responsible for setting up the terrace every morning and taking it down at the end of the day and serving a tone of meals and drinks in between.

Note: Michael is eternally grateful to Renee and Robert Serre for giving him a chance to work as a waiter, knowing very well that he didn't speak french.

1991 Sliema, Malta
Eden Rock Hotel
Michael Chenier worked at the Eden Rock Hotel in 1991


Eden Leisure Group

Position: Food and Beverage Manager

Managing Restaurant and Bar staff, and supervising breakfast, lunch and dinner services.

Biggest Takeaway: Michael learned to keep ambitions in check, think all grand ideas through and above all, respect local culture and never bite the hand that feeds you.

1986 Kelowna, British Columbia
Shoreline Pile Driving
Michael Ch/enier Worked with Shoreline Pile Driving in 1986


Position: Piledriver / Swamper / Dock Builder

Michael had the immense fortune to be hired as one of the first full-time employees with Shoreline Pile Driving. Before, the term "experiential learning" was a thing Michael learned every aspect of the pile driving business in real-time. His tenure at Shoreline Pile Driving afforded him many once-in-a-lifetime experiences any 18-year-old could wish for, ranging from underwater demolition, scuba diving, crane operation, towing 42-ton barges, dock building and everything in between.

Biggest Takeaways: 

  • Almost anything is possible if you want to do it.
  • If you don't think you can do something, try it and make sure.
  • Do what you love for a living.
  • 42-ton barges have a lot of momentum - best to approach the port very slowly.

Most Memorable moment:

Arriving at a job site in Vernon early one morning to discover their first task for the day is recuperating a plane that crashed in Okanagan lake the night before. No injuries. 

1985 Kelowna, British Columbia
Lakeview Market
Michael P Chenier learned the significant factor that personal customer service plays in the survival of independent businesses.


Position: Stocking Shelves / Customer Service

Lakeview Market is one of the oldest independent grocery stores in Kelowna, British Columbia. They are known for their legendary customer service.

Biggest Takeaway: It's here that Michael learned the significant factor that personal customer service plays in the survival of independent businesses and how valuable it is to help people to the car with their groceries.