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At Arore Communications, we do everything we can to keep the momentum going

Our Process

We’ve been in the business for a while now and have a pretty good idea of what makes for excellent ongoing business relationships and how relationships can deteriorate. In most cases, success and failure boil down to the quality of communication and accountability. With this in mind, we thought we’d note a few of our habits and policies to let you know how we work the best.

Getting to know each other

Arore Communications takes the time to get to know your company

It all starts with a free phone, Skype or Zoom call.

We take this time to learn about your project or business. Often people are looking for a specific service, and other times they aren’t sure exactly what they need and are looking for perspective into where they should get started. 

We often delve into some of the challenges they might be facing or gain some insight into a new product or service they might be excited about launching. We take this opportunity to get to know each other and determine whether we are a good fit. 

We’ll likely discuss a budget and additional time and human resources available to manage expectations on both sides. It’s very seldom that we offer any solutions or propose our services during this first call. If we both agree, we schedule a follow-up call in the following one or two days.

We take the time to think it through

We at Arore Communications like to take a day or two to think about your company

Taking a day or so for the information to settle in, we’ll contemplate possible solutions, often surveying the competitive landscape and determining if we have the expertise best suited to your needs. This time also allows us to look at the situation from a few different perspectives to ensure we have covered all bases.

We make sure we get it right

Arore Communications

During our second call, we’ll go over our thoughts with you, and we’ll likely propose our services, along with the associated costs, in a verbal manner. This process affords opportunities for both parties to discuss alternative approaches to ensure our objectives are in line. There are cases where we might suggest that we are not your most appropriate partner for this particular project. If this is the case, we’ll kindly try to send you in a more appropriate direction. Otherwise, we’ll move to the next step. Approx. 1 hour

We present a detailed list of deliverables with cost estimates

Arore Communications will provide you with a detailed quote complete with Deliverables and a timeframe for delivery

We’ll send you a detailed project scope and, depending on the project, estimate how much it will cost and provide a clear timeline for completion.

During your Project​

We manage and track all our projects with the Asana Project Management System and Harvest Time Tracking Software, so you will be on top of the scheduled milestones and budgets as your project progresses.

Arore Communications are certified Asana Experts

Upon completion, we’ll leave you with your own fully integrated Asana Application to move ahead your marketing and communications projects. 

We keep the balls moving

Arore Communications does everything to keep the momentum going through out your project

We’ve long learned that the most successful projects are those executed efficiently. So your success is our success, and we’ll do everything we can to keep that momentum going throughout the duration of the project and long after.