Online Marketing

You have a great website. Now let’s show the world who you are, what you do and how they can find you.

You have invested time and money into making your brand shine. Your website is your window to the world and you want to ensure potential clients have a clear view of your business when they are making purchase decisions in your sector.


Search Engine Optimization

It is essential that your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO). When your website has been properly optimized, your potential clients will find you by using the key words associated with your business, without knowing your business name.

Optimizing your website involves ensuring that the content of your site includes proper keywords and descriptions to correctly describe your products and services. Using properly researched keywords and descriptions, matched with clear and concise content, will put you ahead of your competition when potential clients are searching for products or services using search engines such as Google. Once your website is properly optimized, we continue to monitor your search rankings using a host of tools and metrics.


Social Media Engagement and Management

Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and linkedin, are extremely useful when building your brand and communicating with your target market. Choosing which social media tools to use and developing a social media strategy are important factors in building a successful online presence. We’ll help you determine which accounts are most suited to your business, create and integrate those accounts into you website and develop a consistent social media strategy to keep you moving forward in the publics eye. Search Engine and Social Media paid advertising. Pay per Click advertising is an effective way of getting clients to your door when they are searching for specific products and services. Creating and managing a pay per click campaign involves key word research and consistent monitoring to ensure you are using the most efficient search terms to get the most out of your campaign.

Advertising in Facebook offers the opportunity to target your audience more precisely as social media networks have a host of tools and algorithms to determine who your business’s “friends” might be. The beauty of Pay per Click and Facebook advertising is the budget is completely scaleable. Once the budget is established, we manage your campaign to ensure you are always on target.


Local Online Promotion

Arore Communications provides excellent advertising and promotional opportunities with it’s two online magazines, Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine and Victoria Lifestyle Magazine. The mandate of Vancouver and Victoria Lifestyles Magazine is to cover a wide range of resident topics with all age groups and demographic profiles in mind. Our objective is to educate, inspire and entertain our readers with a variety topics that can influence a number of compartments in our lives by promoting local businesses, individuals and community initiatives.

We offer promotional opportunities, including display advertising, business profiles and contests, exclusively to locally owned businesses. This is a great way to align your business with the community you love.


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