Getting your team up to speed with Asana
as quickly a possible

Arore Communications

ASANA has an abundance of task and time management tools that will benefit any business with more than five employees. Arore Communications is trained and certified by ASANA to help you get your business operations and procedures online as fast and efficiently as possible. Every business is different, with some organisations being more complex in their personnel, processes and operations. Arore Communications can tailor its services to suit your needs and budget.

The advantages of working with an Asana Certified Expert

Expert Guidance To Get you Started

Whether you’re exploring how to best use Asana or how to adapt an existing workflow, We are here to provide hands-on guidance to get your team up and running quickly.

Create Custom Team Workflows

We are trained and certified by Asana to offer workflow design, implementation guidance, team training, and more, to help your team get results fast.

Your Go-to Expert

We are your personal Asana expert. Together, we’ll decide the scope of how we’ll support your team.

Your Partner for ongoing Success

Post-implementation, we can be your ongoing Asana partner to guide you through workflow changes and help you, onboard new team members.

Asana Onboarding Services Available

Three Hour Introductory Session

We’ll walk you through the all the features of ASANA including Projects, Tasks, Task Delegation, Task Assignees, Due Dates, To-do lists, Reports, Time Management, Milestones, Timelines, forms and integrated Time Tracking Software. – Up to 10 people

Three Hour Tailored Onboarding Session

Gathering further, more detailed information specific to your company, we will work with your key operational personnel to integrate your unique procedures and projects directly into ASANA, so your team can harness the power of all of the tools immediately. – Up to 4 people

Hire an Asana expert to join your team

Sometimes training isn’t enough. By email, chat, skype or telephone, we’ll work with your team to fast-track your Asana deployment, fine-tune your workflows and processes or walk you through any current challenges you might have.

NOTE: In most cases, dependant on our location and local working restrictions, our training and onboarding sessions are conducted on Skype or Zoom.

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