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About Us

Arore Communications has evolved from two decades of commitment to the promotion, advertising, magazine publishing and website development industries. Our experience spans multiple media platforms, providing our clients with choices and the ability to achieve complete and integrated marketing strategy. Methods of getting your message to your target market are continually evolving. We help you apply the right media mix essential for effectively reaching your potential clients.

OUR SERVICE COMMITMENT: Responsive, Accountable and Dependable.

Experience reveals that the most successful marketing initiatives are those executed with passion, creativity, and efficiency. We give you the ease and efficiency to channel your passion and creativity into the marketing media of your choice.

Who we are

Mike Chenier

Project Coordination | Advertising | Website Development

Immersed in promotions, advertising, web development and magazine publishing for the past 20 years, Mike Chenier’s unique and varied career started on the ground where he learned the fundamentals of customer satisfaction. His unwavering business trajectory underscores that he knows how to produce highly creative marketing projects in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Equally passionate about smart organization, approachable professionalism, and functional creativity Mike has earned the confidence of many long-term loyal clients.

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After evaluating the work patterns of many of our clients and the timing of their email requests, we found a large number prefer to work on their marketing projects outside of regular business hours. This allows them the opportunity concentrate their marketing efforts without disrupting the revenue opportunities of their day to day business. To accommodate this preference, we have shifted our business hours.

Business Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
2 pm - 10 pm pst

Two Ways to Contact Us:

Email: mpc@arore.ca

Skype: arore1

Facebook Messenger: www.facebook.com/mpcarore

Email response time is fifteen minutes during business hours.

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