Case Study: Ongoing Marketing Initiative

Mitchell McCabe Menswear has been a client of Arore Communications since July of 2017


Mitchell McCabe Menswear, located in Melbourne, was established in 1901. They specialize in national and internationally renowned fashioned brands in a higher range medium price point. They have three stores, all located within the metropolitan area of Melbourne. They never have sales, apart from a small rack of one-offs to catch the attention of the odd passer-by. The trade had consistently grown incrementally over the past 20 years with a loyal clientele.

The challenge

The challenge was increasing the frequency that customers were buying and offer a solution to the ever-increasing online competition. More and more frequently, customers commented that the brands had online promotions, discounting the same products we were selling at the time. It was becoming more and more difficult to defend the value of the clothing when the brands themselves were discounting their own clothing. Simply continuing to state that the store doesn’t run sales was risking coming off as arrogant.

The objective

Arore Communications was tasked with creating an ongoing marketing initiative to increase the frequency customers were buying clothes and reinforce existing loyalty without depreciating the store’s 100-year + cultivated reputation in the community.

The parameters

As this new initiative had to be permanent and ongoing, it had to correspond with the existing values and culture of the store.

As a fashion designer by trade, Andrew Scawen, the owner’s background and passion, revolves around buttoned shirts. The store has a long-standing sense of community and regularly supports community groups and children’s sports teams.

The solution

After considering the store culture, history, store personalities, and profit margins, the “Give a Shirt” initiative was conceived. The democratic culture in the company necessitated the input and buy-in from the entire team. Once the staff agreed and was on board, we developed a consistent messaging plan and designed and implemented a simple branding package.

Mitchell McCabe Give a Shirt Initiative


This is the opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and make space for new and better things.


Get your “no longer used shirt” into the hands of someone who needs it and will put it to good use.


Receive $25 off every new shirt
when you trade in an old one.


  1. Bring in any used button-through shirt to any Mitchell McCabe retail location.

  2. Select a new shirt and get $25 dollars off – in exchange for your used shirt.

  3. We clean and press your used shirt and donate it to a man less fortunate.

Small print:
* One $25 credit for every new shirt purchased – by all means, bring in more shirts.
** Only Long or short-sleeved button-through shirts included in this initiative.

In-store Only; Not Available Online


St. Luke’s Anglican Church

St Luke’s South Melbourne is a community-based Anglican Church with a heart for supporting and sustaining local, inner-city community. We see there is great value in learning to think local, shop local and worship local, as together we seek to rebuild inner-city village communities. In our work, we come across a large number of people who struggle to survive for a variety of reasons, but recognise them as part of our local community and do what we can to help.

The Give-A-Shirt initiative is much appreciated by those who come to our community meal, held every Saturday at 5:00 pm on the church premises. This is a three-course meal that serves 50-60 members of our local community.

Results in the community

After running for four years, the Give a Shirt initiative has become an integral part of the culture in all three of its Melbourne stores. The ongoing initiative has resulted in 1000’s of business shirts benefiting men on their way up all over Melbourne.

Results for the company

The Mitchell McCabe Give a shirt Initiative resulted in 1000's of shirts given to local men on their way up.

The specificity of the initiative provided natural upselling opportunities for other articles of clothing.

Andrew Scawen

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